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This dual citizen is originally from California, and grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She began her training early, studying voice, violin, piano, and starring in several musicals. She has performed and trained across the US and Canada at some of North America's top theatre schools including Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia), Saddleback College (Mission Viejo, California), and the prestigious Sheridan Institute Musical Theatre-Performance Program [Honors Graduate] (Oakville, Ontario).

Since graduating from Sheridan, she has joined both the CAEA and ACTRA, she has booked film roles for Lifetime, Showcase, CityTV, CBC, TVTropolis, and more, and has worked for Neptune Theatre, Two Planks And A Passion, Sierra Repertory Theatre, Chester Playhouse, The Georgian Theatre Festival, etc.  She is also passionate about creating work for herself and her peers, and is the co-founder of 521 Films; most recently having written/ directed/ produced a series Pilot called "The Sunny Daye Show", in which she plays the title character, and "Kiki Show", a sketch comedy vlog most known for her original character, Kaitlyn Ogilvie.

Kirstin is the daughter of Robin and Beth Howell, and has one sister, Nisa Renault.
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The Sierra Lodestar review of Unnecessary Farce: "As Billie, Howell is perfectly pitched as a panicked woman too nervous to grip her gun... Bound and gagged, don't miss Howell trying to open a door.  Also don't miss her as Billie has to recount the day's goofball situations; Howell shoots through the day like that Fed Ex talker on a mission to make you scream with laughter." Mike Taylor

The Union Democrat review of Unnecessary Farce: "This production showcases wonderful ensemble work and impeccable comic timing... Making a remarkable SRT debut, Kirstin Howell gives an indelible performance as Eric's endearing undercover partner, Billie, who makes up in enthusiasm what she lacks in policing skills.  Howell is particularly adept at physical comedy and makes the most of her character's hilarious antics...  This well-executed and perfectly timed farce delivers wacky, unrestrained fun and prologed laughter." Kathie Isaac-Luke. Full review click HERE.

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"Kirstin Howell and Ann Doyle as the wicked step-sisters are exquisite.  They’re at once gigantic presences and subtle comedians, completely alive in their own evil world." Read the whole review HERE.

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"The journey from cold skepticism to belief is most strongly told in Rose’s journey. Howell does an amazing job of slowly transforming her character from a hardbitten, city girl to a deep thinking and feeling young woman. Her confusion and internal changes are beautifully read on her face and in her large, clear eyes. Howell has a great, expressive voice." Read the whole Chronicle Herald review of The Miracle Man HERE.

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"... and Kirstin Howell bring emotional heart to the play in their respective portrayals of Mr. And Mrs. Banks, creating characters that the audience can empathize with." Read the whole review from The Coast HERE.

"Kirstin Howell as his actress-turned-society wife is a very sympathetic character, beautiful in her creamy Edwardian dresses and yearning for approval and affection." Read the whole Chronicle Herald review of Mary Poppins Here.

"Kirstin Howell, her beautiful face beneath a towering blond wig, is a striking Mimi. She has a vivid stage presence and highly expressive face and voice. She is quick on the comedy and fierce when she needs to be." Chronicle Herald review about Mimi: click HERE.

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"Kirstin Howell’s Mimi is delightfully insouciant and saucy. " Read the whole review of Mimi from The Coast HERE.

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"The dynamic between Kirstin Howell’s Heidi and Ann Doyle’s Susan is brilliantly funny...  Howell’s Heidi has a distinctive professionalism about her, strength of character and smarts which makes her a worthy counterpart for “corporate whore” Susan. I hope to see much more of Howell and Doyle working together in the future; they are a dynamic duo."  Amanda Campbell, TWISI Blog, about her role as Heidi in [title of show] (TheatreSpeak).

 "Sparking chemistry puts actors Kirstin Howell and Marty Burt's latest at the top of the must-see summer theatre list...  Kirstin Howell plays a quick-witted, strong-willed force of nature... Howell, a classic, porcelain-skinned "English" beauty, is perfectly cast.  Her delivery of Shaw's charming, cheeky words is spot-on." Kate Watson, THE COAST, about her role as Z in VILLAGE WOOING (Chester Playhouse)

"Kirstin Howell sparkles as Z from the second she turns her wide eyes on the man, A... Howell's whole demeanour is of sunlight, and despite her lower-class accent, Z's confidence and intelligence make her capable of shrewd observations.  Howell's character is charming..."  Elissa Barnard, THE CHRONICLE HERALD, about her role as Z in VILLAGE WOOING (Chester Playhouse)

“Kirstin is an absolute ball of fun. As soon as the makeup went on, she became the character. Every take brought our crew to tears, laughing. She played the role with the exact tone needed, intuitively striking all of the right comedic notes to make her character work. I am thrilled to have had her involved and look forward to the possibilities of working with her again.”  Alexander King,  Writer, UNIQUE (VFS- dir. Chris Fisher).

"Kirstin Howell is great at belting out Webber's anthem-like songs for passionate women in trouble.  ... in top command of her voice and acting skills as June, Jeune, Junie Faye, Junita, and Juny..."  By Elissa Bernard, THE CHRONICLE HERALD, about her role as June in THE MUSICAL OF MUSICALS; THE MUSICAL (Chester Playhouse).

"Howell, a very expressive, warm and engaging performer delighted the audience with her quick wit and impressive vocal abilities with a characterization range that ran the gamut from breathless vulnerability to empowered Broadway belter." By Graham Pilsworth, THE COAST, about Kirstin's one-woman show AND SOMETIMES Y (Atlantic Fringe Festival).

"Kirstin Howell, with one of those sweetly true and often startlingly pure soprano voices, sang Childhood's Bright Endeavor in a way to make you eager to find out more about it. She also gave a compelling account of That's Him, a song about knowing 'the one' when you see him." By Stephen Pedersen, THE CHRONICLE HERALD, about her role as the Soprano in BERLIN TO BROADWAY (Chester Playhouse).

"Howell is the kind of girl you want to sit and have a Cosmopolitan with while deconstructing the peculiarities of the male of the species. She’s funny, self-depricating, witty and honest, and her look-on-the-sunny-side-of-life point of view makes for an uplifting take on relationships. And, the sweet-voiced soprano can really belt out a tune." By Andrea Nemetz, THE CHRONICLE HERALD, about AND SOMETIMES Y (Atlantic Fringe Festival).

"There is the comedy relief role of harried maid and Kirstin Howell milks the part for every humorous nuance. Her facial expressions alone brought laughs, while her disciplinary S/M relationship with the vacuum cleaner is a scene-stealing gem." By Danny Gaisin, HALTON ARTS REVIEW, about her role as Pauline in NO NO NANETTE! (Theatre Sheridan).