Kiki embraced her darker side for the short comedic film Gaslit, written and directed by Anna MacLean,

and featuring Bob Maan, Peter Lund, and Rhys Bevan-John.

Kiki is nominated for her second ACTRA Maritimes Outstanding Performance Award! For her work as Thirsty Katie in Season 3 of Moonshine! Catch it on CBC gem now!  

King & Pawn SSN 2 is available now on BellFibe TV! Catch Kiki as Tabitha, the cut throat lawyer who will stop at nothing to take down opposing council, on SSN 2 Ep 4! Seen here with the incredible Shelley Thompson!

Moonshine S3 has dropped on CBC in Canada and Thirsty Katie is up to no good as usual! 

Meet Thirsty Katie! Stream Moonshine SSN 2 Ep 2 now on CBC Gem in Canada!  

Just announced! Kiki is a recurring guest star on season 2 of CBC's hit show Moonshine!  Click this link for the article in Deadline!

Kiki continues to work with actors of all levels of experience as an acting and self-tape coach.  For more info on coaching check out The L.A. Technique Facebook page or  on Instagram @TheLATechnique 

With Director Deanne Foley at the premiere of Hopeless Romantic at the FIN Festival in Halifax!

The full season of Trailer Park Boys: Out Of The Park: USA is available on Netflix now!

Catch Kiki's episode, "Charlotte" now! Season 2 Episode 3.

"Making a remarkable SRT debut, Kirstin Howell gives an indelible performance as Eric's endearing undercover partner, Billie... Howell is particularly adept at physical comedy and makes the most of her character's hilarious antics." By Kathie Isaac-Luke - The Union Democrat.  "As Billie, Howell is perfectly pitched as a panicked woman too nervous to grip her gun... Bound and gagged, don't miss Howell trying to open a door." Mike Taylor, Sierra Lodestar.